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Flat is an iBuyer for the Mexican market, focused on solving the liquidity problem of residential real estate. Flat offers clear benefits to both sides of the transaction. For sellers, it makes the process easier and faster, with the possibility of immediately selling the asset. For buyers, it guarantees the property's conditions, a fair purchase price, and a seamless buying experience.

Job Description
We are seeking a talented Automation Integration Specialist to work with our engineering team, specifically the integrations squad. The role involves building and deploying automations while interacting with various platforms like Integromat, Butternut, Zapier, Airtable, Hubspot,, Aircall, Trengo, Twilio, and others. The ideal candidate should have strong coding skills in Python and JavaScript and be comfortable working with both no-code and low-code platforms.
We are looking for a highly motivated Automation Integration Specialist who is passionate about technology and enjoys exploring new apps and tools. In this role, you will work with the integrations squad to develop and connect APIs and help us debug and refactor existing automations. You will be responsible for using new services and implementing algorithms in new programming languages. Strong documentation skills are also expected.
The role requires a lot of flexibility and a willingness to learn and experiment with new tools and technologies. The ideal candidate should possess strong problem-solving skills to debug complex automations. We understand that there might be a learning curve, and we encourage candidates to apply even if they haven't heard of some of the technologies being used. 

What you will work on
Building and deploying automations for various platforms like Make (formerly Integromat), Zapier, Hubspot,, Wati, Trengo, Twilio Flex, and others.
Configuring no-code platforms like Make, Zapier, and Hubspot for automating business processes.
Interacting with other platforms like, Wati, Trengo, Twilio Flex, and others to automate workflows.
Create new serverless applications using AWS Lambdas. Debugging existing automations and identifying and fixing issues. Implementing new algorithms in various programming languages.
Collaborating with the engineering team to integrate automations with existing software systems.
Staying up-to-date with the latest automation tools and technologies and suggesting improvements to existing processes.
Working with different teams across the organization to ensure seamless automation processes.
Documenting decisions, processes and implementations

You’ll be a good fit for this role if you
Can work alone and manage your time effectively, communicating efficiently with your manager and stakeholders.
Strong coding skills in Python and JavaScript and familiarity with at least one other programming language.
Experience with no-code platforms like Make, Zapier, and Hubspot, and familiarity with automation tools like, Wati, Trengo, Twilio Flex is a plus.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to debug complex automations.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
A willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, with a passion for exploring new apps and tools.
A technology-driven mindset, with the ability to connect and interact with technology, new and existing.
Flexibility and a willingness to experiment with new tools and technologies.
A solid understanding of APIs and how to integrate them into business processes.

Experience with cloud-based services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
Familiarity with software development methodologies like Agile or Scrum.
Knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
xperience with version control tools like Git.
A strong attention to detail, with the ability to create and maintain accurate documentation for automation processes.
A self-motivated and proactive approach to work, with a focus on continuous improvement and finding innovative solutions to complex problems.
A strong sense of ownership and accountability, with the ability to take ownership of projects and drive them to completion.

We definitely want to talk to you if
You know Zapier or and feel frustrated with their limitations, and have ideas for how to improve and optimize automations.
You have 5+ years of experience in integrating and automating, and have a proven track record of delivering successful automation projects.
You are experienced with Hubspot CRM Workflows and can configure them to automate business processes.
You have a strong understanding of business processes and can identify opportunities to automate and streamline workflows.
You are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and can manage multiple projects simultaneously.
You are able to work both independently and as part of a team and can collaborate effectively with other departments.
You have a passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest automation tools and technologies.
You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and can effectively communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
You are a self-starter and have a strong sense of ownership and accountability for your work.

🌴  15 days off per year (vacation days + personal days).
🚑  Health Insurance (Mexico: personal - 3MP).
👶  Family leave.
💻  Equipment (Mexico: Equipment will be provided by the company on your first day. Other countries: We'll refund up to $2,500 to buy your gear).
🌏 Full-remote (we have tech hubs in CDMX and Buenos Aires).
💰 Stock Options. 

Why Join us at
- You'll join a world-class, highly skilled team of engineers, with an assigned mentor from day 1. 
- Interesting engineering and business challenges, and a culture of openness and welcoming to new ideas
- High career growth both in best engineering practices as well as new technologies.
- Data and result-driven culture